Dare to run smarter.

100 days

is all you need to run a marathon.

Dare to run smarter





You. Yes you.
Dare for more.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well strap in…‘cause it’s not.

Decades of research and testing have gone into the Marathon Revolution method. Hundreds of marathons, thousands of runners and consultation with a varied mix of the world’s top specialists have helped us prove that by focusing on heart rate, distance and recovery, you can complete a marathon in just 100 days of training…while never running more than 14km in a session.

100 days

is all you need to prep for a marathon

4 x runs

a week will get you there


is the furthest you’ll ever run


is the total distance you’ll cover

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"This Marathon Revolution should be cherished. It teaches us what the human body is truly capable of!" - Wim Hof

The man who famously popularised cold water immersion is a friend of the Marathon Revolution and co-wrote his book, The Way of the Ice Man with our founder, Koen de Jong.

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This is the most cost-effective way to join the Marathon Revolution. With our eBook you’ll have all of the information you need. If you like to read and have a good dose of self-discipline, this is the option for you.


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This is our most expensive option, but if you need that extra one-on-one attention to get you across the line, this is the option for you. Completing the marathon is the big carrot…our personal trainers are the big stick!


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We were featured in Runner’s World!

The world-famous publication challenged one of their journalists to give our method a try…and it was a success!

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Stronger, happier, healthier people

  • Running should be part of your life, not take over your life
  • Traditional training methods undervalue recovery
  • Training in the right heart rate zone builds stamina for all aspects of life
  • Focusing on breathing aids recovery, sleep and mental health
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Marathon Revolution Koen

“Running the Marathon Revolution way is the greatest gift you can give yourself.”

Koen de Jong

The person behind the Marathon Revolution. One man, a few connections, a dream of changing the game and plenty of hard work and dedication led to this revolution.

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