Am I too old for Marathon Revolution?

If you’ve ever watched an amateur running event, you will have noticed several elderly participants in their 70s and beyond. Some of them even leave many youngsters in the dust. Regardless of age, if you’re still running or starting to run (again), you can make the cut. For older runners, we urge you to use our ‘easy’ approach first.


How does the personalised marathon heart rate training work? Will I need a heart rate monitor

Your personalised marathon heart rate is determined using your Anaerobic Threshold-point (AT-point) and your current fastest 10K time. You’ll perform a test to establish your AT-point, then use the provided charts to find your specific marathon heart rate based on these two factors. A heart rate monitor is essential for training at the correct intensity, so you’ll need to use one during your training runs.


Can I train for multiple marathons or improve my PR using the Marathon Revolution method?

Yes, the principles and training strategies can be used for multiple marathons or to improve your best time. As you become more experienced with the method, you can fine-tune your training to target specific goals, such as increasing your aerobic threshold or improving your running efficiency. Many runners have found success using this approach for consecutive marathons and setting new personal records.


What breathing exercises are included in the program, and how do they help with recovery?

The Marathon Revolution includes a simple breathing exercise you’ll perform immediately after each run. This exercise helps activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and recovery. By lowering your heart rate and shifting your body into a recuperative state, this exercise enables you to bounce back more effectively between training sessions.


How does the Marathon Revolution plan compare to other beginner marathon training plans?

Traditional beginner marathon plans often involve multiple 20-30km long runs, which can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule and may increase the risk of overuse injuries in beginners. The Marathon Revolution method prioritises shorter, focused, long runs (up to 14km) and heart rate-based training to optimise aerobic development while minimising the time commitment and injury risk. Over 2000 runners have successfully used this approach.


What kind of support or community is available for Marathon Revolution participants?

When you sign up for the Marathon Revolution coaching program, you’ll have email access to expert coaches who will guide you through the process and answer any questions. (Coming soon: You’ll also gain access to a private online community of like-minded runners following the same training approach, allowing you to connect with and draw peer support.)