Meet the Marathon Man,
Koen de Jong

How many marathons has Koen completed? He’d probably struggle to tell you. But in the same breath, he’d say “not enough!”

He may not have been born to run, but he most definitely lives for it. And lives to spread the word of the power of running.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Koen has travelled the world to run and promote techniques for a better, more balanced approach to running.

In a few words: Koen runs fast and likes to cycle, breathe calmly and take cold showers. He’s fond of freshly-cut grass, maps, bookstores and kingfishers (that’s probably why we all go birdwatching on a Thursday!)

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"Get your butt off the couch and go running—you’ll thank yourself afterwards!"

Koen de Jong

“Finishing a marathon is an amazing feeling! Everybody should be able to experience it.”

Stans van der Poel

Stans is the brain behind our schedule (and a 9-time triathlon finisher!) Working in hospitals for years, she noticed a correlation between breathing frequency and recovery. At the time, good devices to measure heart rate variability and breathing patterns didn’t exist, so she decided to develop one herself, eventually working with Olympic athletes, some of the biggest names in sport and finally, forming a partnership with Koen. Thanks to her genius and this partnership, we now have the Marathon Revolution method.

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“Run better, live better. It’s that simple.”

Koen de Jong

We’ve researched, experimented, practiced and honed the Marathon Revolution method over decades. It hasn’t been easy, but today we have something special—more than just a training schedule, but a fresh approach to a better life.

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This is our expensive option, but if you need that extra one-on-one attention to get you across the line, this is the option for you. Completing the marathon is the big carrot…our personal trainers are the big stick!


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