Meet the founders

Stans van der Poel and Koen de Jong are the founders of the 14-kilometer method. The have researched and impelemtent this training method temselves.

They found out, with the 14-kilometer method, you train smarter with shorter distances and you make progress with running

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“One run can change your day, many runs can change your life.”

Koen de Jong

“Finishing a marathon is an amazing feeling! Everybody should be able to experience it.”

Stans van der Poel

Stans is the brain behind our schedule (and a 9-time triathlon finisher!) Working in hospitals for years, she noticed a correlation between breathing frequency and recovery. At the time, good devices to measure heart rate variability and breathing patterns didn’t exist, so she decided to develop one herself, eventually working with Olympic athletes, some of the biggest names in sport and finally, forming a partnership with Koen. Thanks to her genius and this partnership, we now have the Marathon Revolution method.

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“Run better, live better. It’s that simple.”

Koen de Jong

Koen runs fast, likes to cycle, sits in an ice bath regulary and meditates almost every day. He ran 7 marathons with the 14km method. His fastest time with this method was in Rotterdam: 2:42:41. Besides running, he also likes to write: he wrote 9 books. Koud Kunstje (together with Wim Hof) was translated in more than 8 countries and is a worldwide bestseller. His book Verademing (with Bram Bakker) is extremely popular in the Netherlands with more than 30 reprints. Furthermore, he lives happily in Amsterdam, has a son and a sweetheart.

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