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The Hall of Fame

Ever since the birth of Marathon Revolution, our runners have been giving us their successful marathon finishing times. Of course, how quickly you ran is irrelevant—it’s about the fact that you actually did it! Someday soon, your name could be up here too.

1. Niek Hamburg 2017-04-23 2h49
2. Sander Reykjavik 2015-08-23 2h51
3. Niek Munster 2018-09-09 2h53
4. Cally Rotterdam 2018-04-08 2h58
5. Viktor Hamburg 2017-04-23 2h59
6. Niek Rotterdam 2018-04-08 2h59
7. Koen Amsterdam 2019-10-20 2h59
8. Justin Amsterdam 2021-10-17 3h
9. Matthijs Rotterdam 2017-04-09 3h01
10. Mark Rotterdam 2019-04-07 3h03
11. Lennet Rotterdam 2021-10-24 3h05
12. Koen Amsterdam 2021-10-17 3h06
13. Irene Rotterdam 2017-04-09 3h06
14. Erik Kopenhagen 2018-05-13 3h06
15. Bart Warschau 2018-09-30 3h07
16. Victor Terschelling 2015-11-08 3h08
17. Matthijs Rotterdam 2016-04-10 3h08
18. Koen Amsterdam 2014-10-19 3h09
19. Niels Eindhoven 2017-10-08 3h09
20. Bram Rotterdam 2018-04-08 3h09

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Marathon Revolution Testimonial

"Running a marathon had been on my wish list for a long time, but I doubted whether I could do it."


Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc

10km was my longest distance ever, plus I have problems with Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis…and I’m 54. I bought the Marathon Revolution book and started training. On the day, even though I was overtaken at the start of the marathon, at the end I was running past hundreds of walkers. They met the man with the hammer, but not me!

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