Is this training program right for me?

We don’t put many limits on how to join the Marathon Revolution, but we do have three general criteria one must meet to safely run a marathon:

  • You aren’t too overweight
  • You can run 10km in under 65 minutes
  • You don’t mind running less than 14km!

Too much weight is a no-go for the 14K approach. At our slightly higher training speeds, excess weight can lead to joint, tendon and ligament injuries. Here’s a simple formula to calculate whether you’re within our limit: take your height in cm, subtract 100 and add 10%… that’s your personal weight limit.

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If you can’t run a 10K within 65 minutes, worry not! Take things one step at a time, do a few 5Ks, focus on slowly increasing your distance and you’ll get there in no-time. Similarly, if you’re overweight, start off with reducing your carbs and sugar intake and we’re sure we’ll see you back here soon!

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Use the calculator to find out if you are the perfect fit.

Excellent, you fit within the Marathon Revolution window! You’ll be able to use our 14K method without any risk to your health.

You're the perfect fit
Start Running

Unfortunately, you fall outside of the Marathon Revolution window. But all is not lost! Put some extra focus on losing some weight and we’re sure we’ll see you back here soon!

You just miss our cut-off
See how to get there

Oh no, you’re a little underweight for the Marathon Revolution. But don’t worry. Focus on your diet, get up to a healthy weight

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“I finally crossed the finish line in 3:43:41. A PR improvement of 16 minutes!”


Amsterdam Marathon

“I prepared with the Marathon Revolution method and it went very well. Great schedule, physically balanced, visible progress. Plus it gave me time for other things. And lastly, you have the feeling that you aren’t alone and can always ask questions.”

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