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It’s time to evolve marathon training

Since the 1970s, running has exploded in popularity. But despite the availability of data, tracking devices and training techniques that we have today, the average marathon finishing time has dropped drastically.

You see, back in the day, there were fewer runners and most were the elite, or close to it: in 1985, more than 80% of runners participating in the Berlin Marathon finished within 4 hours. In 2021, that number decreased to less than 35%.

You see, training techniques haven’t evolved for the masses. And this is where the Marathon Revolution method comes in.

“Train less and be well prepared and well-rested at the start”

Van der Poel

How does it work?

Save time with shorter distances

Running 14km is far enough to get your body familiar to long distance running

Train smart with heart rate

Understanding and sticking to the right heart rate zone is healthier and more sustainable

Be proactive with recovery

Proper rest combined with focused breathing exercises keep your body in perfect health for running…and much more.


Become strong, healthy and happy

Increased energy

Following our training schedule will prime your body to build more energy and use it more efficiently, not just for the marathon, but for your everyday life.

Better sleep

With more energy, consistent running and a command of your breathing, falling asleep becomes easier and the quality of your sleep improves drastically.

More happiness

Better sleep + greater overall health + quality exercise + more energy + more time = happy people!

What does the schedule look like?

Days 1-10: Welcome to the Revolution

The focus in the first 10 days is finding your marathon heart rate…without the need for an expensive test! This will be the key to all of your training and eventually, your marathon.

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Marathon Revolution Method and Benefits What does Your Schedule Look Like
Days 11-30: Heart rate and breathing

Here’s when you really begin to experience the joy of running. You’ll also receive one of the most vital tools for better recovery—something so simple you’ll even be able to do it from the comfort of your couch.

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Marathon Revolution Schedule
Days 31-50: We’re halfway there!

Time to start practicing how to explain this to others because they’ll doubt whether you’ll actually be able to finish a marathon! But more than that, during this period you’re going to feel more and more of the benefits of our method.

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Marathon Revolution Schedule
Days 51-90: You get out what you put in

The Marathon heart rate is in your system now. Breathing slowly is second nature. This part of the schedule isn’t just about training muscles and fuel efficiency, but learning healthy habits that you can use for the rest of your life!

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Marathon Revolution Schedule
Days 91-100: Your Revolution awaits

The starting line is in sight! It’s been an amazing hundred days hasn’t it? You may feel excited, nervous, anxious, but you’ve made it this far haven’t you? We’ll carry on motivating you all the way to race day to remind you: you’ve got this!

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Marathon Revolution Schedule

Join the Revolution today

Choose from three ways to enjoy a simpler, more balanced approach to running and your next marathon will only be 100 days away!

Do It Yourself

This is the most cost-effective way to join the Marathon Revolution. With our eBook you’ll have all of the information you need. If you like to read and have a good dose of self-discipline, this is the option for you.


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Do It With Us

If you need a little bit more help and motivation, this is your option. Get the eBook plus all of the info you need in your inbox every day. Most people complete their first marathon successfully with this option.


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Personal Training

This is our expensive option, but if you need that extra one-on-one attention to get you across the line, this is the option for you. Completing the marathon is the big carrot…our personal trainers are the big stick!


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