Personal Training


This is our most expensive option, but if you need that extra one-on-one attention to get you across the line, this is the option for you. Completing the marathon is the big carrot…our personal trainers are the big stick! 

Summary of what you get:

  • Direct contact with your trainer via WhatsApp
  • Personalised online coaching
  • eBook
  • Daily motivation mail
  • Daily online video content
  • A personal training plan with your marathon heart rate
  • Track your progress in your dashboard
  • Breathing excersises
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Become a Marathon Revolution master

This one’s for the serious runners! In addition to all of the content from our first two tiers, including a hard copy of our book, you’ll get one-on-one online personal coaching, feedback on your training tracked through Strava, weekly progress updates with a trainer plus full access to help via WhatsApp.