Why Do We Need A Revolution?

The tried and tested methods used for marathon training work. They’ve helped hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people cross the finish line. We don’t like ‘em.

A typical marathon training schedule looks a little something like this: you begin relatively easily and slowly increase the intensity and miles as time goes on. Sprinkle in a mix of threshold, interval and long runs and—at the end of it all—you’re ready to do your 42.2km.

Of course, this is a massive simplification, but the overall approach remains true of most programmes. So if it works, what’s the problem? 

Things Have Changed

We feel that this approach is, well, dated to say the least. It works, sure, but times have changed. People have changed. Life has changed. 

You see, 20 or 30 years ago most marathon runners were pretty outrageous. The average participant was finishing their marathon well within the 4-hour mark. Most of them were dedicated athletes and running was their life. 

And that’s where today’s schedules were developed.

Running Is For Everyone

Today, there are more runners than ever before. Completing a marathon is now open to the masses. Younger people, older people, casual people are all wanting to challenge themselves with this great event. 

So, shouldn’t schedules adapt to who is running the marathon? Our answer of course, is a big, loud YES! 

Our programme simplifies the running schedule, but even more importantly, it makes it much, much easier for virtually anyone who can do 10km to complete a marathon.

14K Is The Way

How? It’s simple really: our belief is that running should be part of your life instead of your whole life. You don’t need to do crazy long runs to prepare yourself for 42.2km. In fact, our research and years of testing have proved that if you can do 14km, you can do a marathon. So our schedule never has you running more than 14K. Of course, there’s more to it than just that–we place great value on recovery, breathing and more. But the fact of the matter remains: today’s many marathon runners aren’t elite athletes but average people looking to enjoy themselves.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether now is the time to give a marathon a shot, again we say a big, loud YES! Join the Revolution, you won’t regret it.